Michel Moore
The Moore Company
2931 Devine Street
Columbia , SC 29205

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Michel (pronounced Michelle) Moore is one of the best real estate agents in the country. Her devotion to details and making sure clients understand every step of the process makes her a rare find.

Michel attributes her success to her 21 years in the real estate business and her commitment to being a full-time agent. As she says, "How many part time business people do you rely on in other aspects of your life?" But time in the business is meaningless without the results to show for it -- and her experience is backed up by her commitment and success in those years.

As a passionate supporter of the arts, she has served on many arts-related boards. She spent many years on the board of The South Carolina Arts Foundation and has also served on the board of Trustus Theatre. She currently serves on the board of the Columbia Museum of Art, the 2016 recipient of the National Medal for Museum and Library Service, and Healing Icons, an organization devoted to using the arts to helping those struggling with cancer.

Michel lists and shows houses in midtown Columbia, in all neighborhoods, at any price point. She works with everyone from first time homebuyers to those who sell their houses every few years. She offers in-depth, personalized support from the first moment of contact to the final steps after closing. She's detail-oriented and devoted to making sure she gets the best for her clients.

A successful realtor does more than act as a conduit for information. I believe I have an obligation to my clients to make sure that they are getting good deals and understand everything happening in the process. No matter how many transactions you do, every one is unique and requires deep focus and attention. And, more importantly, every client is unique. My experience has given me a real gift in matching people to homes and my commitment to the business means I give a level of service to my clients that most agents just can't.